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This page features works for orchestra, ensembles, performances, side-projects and radio dramas



"Waltz for the Dancer Music Box" (2019)

Commissioned by Antigua & Barbuda Company and EspacioArte dance academy

Premiered in La Serena 2019 ARC Festival as part of a performance by a 3 mts tall mechanical dancer 

"Voces del Más Allá" (2013-2015)

Soundtrack for national Audio Drama 

Seasons 1 & 2

Hear chapter "The missing of the missing boat named Cuyén"

Hear some of the music for other chapters of the 2 seasons

"El Chacal de Nahueltoro"

Restoration and compositions for Miguel Litin's 1969 movie "El Chacal de Nahueltoro"

"Cine al oído" is an initiative by Chile Actores to re-create classic Chilean films for the visually impaired. 

Trailer and press release

"El Quijote de la Cuarta" (2016)

Soundtrack for the Audio Drama (2 chapters)

*No music available 

"Yin-Yin" (2018)
Music for the play by Andrea Franco. Yin-Yin tells the story of Gabriela Mistral's nephew.

Hear the music used  at the play

Chapter: La desaparición del Pesquero CuyénManuel Figueroa
00:00 / 23:56



The Onas Brothers (2019)


This project is a re-imagination of the lost music from the Selk´nam people. The Selk´nam, also known as the Ona People, are an indigenous people in the Patagonian region of southern Argentina and Chile, including the Tierra del Fuego islands. They were one of the last native groups in South America to be encountered by migrant ethnic Europeans, mainly British in the late 19th century. Nowadays, the Ona people is considered extinct as a tribe, as well as their traditions, music, and dances. 

This project is based on tribal rhythms and ethereal atmospheres, layered instruments and loops using electric guitars and basses, voices and synths. There is no over-processed or quantized music in this project as a rebellion against the over clarity and compression of nowadays industrialized music. 








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"A Las Mujeres" (2014)

For voice, guitar, percussion, double bass and trumpet

Over text by Nina Vila

"Potnia Theron" (2012)

For mixed ensamble

"Netzach" (2008)
Sonata for Double Bass and digital audio

"Study suite" for Flute (2018)


"Fobos" (2012)

For mixed ensemble


"Crisantemo" (2018)

For two flutes and piano (easy level to play with children)